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Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy


At Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy, your child is entitled to one FREE trial class where we help determine his or her gymnastics placement so they get the most out of our program.


Remember, all students are required to pay an annual registration fee of $45. There is a $40 fee for each additional child in a family, with a maximum fee of $100.00. The first month's tuition plus the registration fee must be paid when the registration form is submitted. All classes are 55 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.



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Specialized Tumbling Classes

Athletes in this class focus on extensive strength conditioning and floor skills only. All classes may use the tumbl trak, trampoline, vault, bars, and climbing rope for the advancement of these skills.

Tumbling - Beginner

1x  per week -$72/month

2x per week - $130/month

3/ per week - 188/month

Beginner tumbling teaches developmental skills with emphasis on technique.  As with artistic gymnastics, tumbling is a progressive sport.  Good basics are essential. Tumbling is performed on a variety of different mats and begins with a simple roll, progressing to cartwheels handstands and standing backbends – also known as bridges.  These are prerequisites for all intermediate and advanced tumbling classes.  


Each student must have a signed participation release to participate in trial.

Save time, print, view, and complete before you arrive:



All athletes that participate in any of our programs are required to have a current registration form on file with registration fee. Print, view, and complete ahead of time:



Tumbling - Advanced

Tumbling - Intermediate

1x  per week -$72/month

2x per week - $130/month

3/ per week - 188/month

Advanced tumblers MUST have a good standing back handspring and a round off back handspring without a spot.  Round off back handspring series will be mastered – and we will begin working round off back handspring tucks.  Students will be working on air sense by flipping and twisting.  There will be a lot of work on the trampoline, rod floor and the trampoline.

1x  per week -$72/month

2x per week - $130/month

3/ per week - 188/month

Intermediate tumblers will be working on a technically correct round off and bridge kick overs.  This level will focus on improving flexibility and strength to learn back walkovers and begin standing back handsprings.  

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