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Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy
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Whitney Auten

Mallory Baker

Natalie Barr

Ashlyn Belcher

Katelyn Henning

Zack Johnson

Blair Roche

Elizabeth Saunders

Kristie Montie

Did you know that Miss Mallory is a Christian rapper? She also use to be a gymnast here from 6 years old to 14. She has coached preschool in Hickory and now has coached here a year.  


Miss Whitney has been in cheer, dance, and gymnastics since she was 3. She was a power tumbler, dancer, and then cheered all throughout her childhood up until high school. She then danced on the dance team at Appalachian State. She brings high energy & a positive vibe to our team!

Miss Ashlyn took gymnastics with us for 8 years and cheered for 2 years. Ms. Ashlyn enjoys to sing and act.

Miss Katelyn has been with us since she was 9. She competed for 4 years with beam and floor being her strongest events. Her technique brings a lot to the table.


Did you know that Mr. Zack was a cheerleader for his high school for 3 years. He teaches Level 1 to 5, Ninjas, Beginner to Advanced Tumble and cheer classes.


He goes to culinary school and makes the most delicious food!

Miss Kristie is one of our gymnastics competitive team coaches and loves to coach a few rec classes. She has 5+ years coaching experience, and also competed to level 8.  Fun Fact: she has lived in 5 different countries, her favorite being South Africa!!!!

Miss Blair was an athlete here for many years. She was a part of our recreational program and cheerleading program as well. She absolutely adores kids and wants to pursue a career with children.

Miss Elizabeth was a competitive gymnast for over 6 years. She was a Floor and Beam State Champion several times. She has 14+ years experience in dance and was even a member of the NC A&T dance team. She has been coaching with Lake Norman Gym since 2012.


Miss Natalie was one of the best gymnasts we have had compete for us. She competed gymnastics since she was 6 and then all-star cheered for 2 years. She is knowledgeable and passionate.

Amy Bradford


Miss Amy has coached preschool through level 3 for 4 years. She has a sweet husband and 2 gorgeous kids. She is one of the most effective, positive coaches we have ever had! She has the geek factor, truly loves every one of her students like her own, and brings high energy!