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Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy


At Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy, your child is entitled to one FREE trial class where we help determine his or her gymnastics placement so they get the most out of our program.


Remember, all students are required to pay an annual registration fee of $45. There is a $40 fee for each additional child in a family, with a maximum fee of $100.00. The first month's tuition plus the registration fee must be paid when the registration form is submitted. All classes are 55 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.



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Level advancement at Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy is strictly determined by Olympic guidelines outlined by USAG. Developmental skills are taught on all Olympic events, including vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor. Levels 1 through 4 are classified as athletes in the USAG Olympic program. Instructors are responsible for carrying out all evaluations for advancement.

$72/month - 55 minutes per week.

Level 1 gymnastics is open to girls with little or no previous experience.  Girls will then put skills together on each event and perform routines from the USAG J.O. Compulsory Routine Program.  Gymnasts will learn cartwheels, bridges, and pullovers on bars to participate in the Level 1 class. The skills included on Level 1 curriculum sheet must be mastered in order to progress to Level 2.


Level 1 Gymnastics - Ages 5 and up


Each student must have a signed participation release to participate in trial.

Save time, print, view, and complete before you arrive:



All athletes that participate in any of our programs are required to have a current registration form on file with registration fee. Print, view, and complete ahead of time:


$72/month - 55 minutes per week.

Junior Level 1 students are children that have participated in the Kinder Program for 1-2 years and have class experience. These children are a little more mature, and perhaps a little more skilled. Junior Level 1 provides more challenge. We know that a child who is not challenged will be less likely to enjoy class. Therefore, if an instructor believes a child is not interested, but has the maturity and the skills, they will suggest moving your child from a Kinder class to a Junior Level 1 class.  

Junior Level 1- Ages 4-5

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Junior Ninja Warrior- Ages 4-6

$72/month - 55 minutes per week.

This program develops strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.  Many different types of equipment will be utilized such as rope, vault, and strength conditioning on bars.  This class is great for boys playing football, soccer, baseball and more to help with overall physical fitness and strength.  This class includes non-formal gymnastics, free running and some forms of cross fit training.  

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